Artist Statement

Born in Canberra, Australia, 1982.

From a very early age, my passion for traveling and discovering new horizons have deeply marked my vision of the world and influenced my artistic thinking. I attended primary school at the "Ecole Européenne de Bruxelles" where I began to take an interest in art and especially in painting.

Complementing the studies with L'Escola Massana of Barcelona, a higher degree d'Arts Aplicades al mur ( Arts applied on wall), culminating with the final project, called "Foc verd" (Green fire).

In 2010, I completed my artistic training, graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts (UB) in Barcelona. And in 2011, the master of "Artistic Creation: realismes i entorns" ( "Realisms and environments") That allowed me to mature the work done previously, and presented as project: "painting with a photosynthesis" , a poetic analogy between the biological process and my creative process.

Since December 2011, I am an artist residing in Roca Umbert "fàbrica de les arts" ( Arts factory) located in Granollers (Barcelona), where I develop my personal projects and evolve around other artists.

In March 2016, I did my first solo exhibition, in a professional gallery : " Emotive constructions" at Jorge Alcolea gallery in Madrid. It was a turning point in my artistic career, although I would like to highlight other exhibitions, that have also been very important for my artistic evolution. 

-The collective exhibition in Marbella (Málaga) : " Contemporany Collisions" at Houses of Art Gallery

- The "Biennal d'Art Contemporàni Català" where I was selected among catalan artists for an itinerant exhibition around Catalonia (Sant Cugat del Vallès, Lleida, Tarragona...)

- The young painting prize, 2015, Ibercaja of Zaragoza.

Besides exhibitions, artistic residencies such as Cal cabrit (Llinars del Vallès), Roca Umbert (Granollers) and taking part in the International Workshop organized in Kusadasi (Turkey) in the summer of 2016, have been of great impact to my evolution.

I have also collaborated with different artists of all kind of disciplines, from actors to dancers, poets and writers in multi artistic projects and events.

"To paint is to travel to worlds beyond imagination, is to exteriorize the inner world at the speed of color and discover a hidden Universe, through the shared accomplice view of the spectator"


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Achievements & Awards

Competition name Organizer Position Date
XIX Biennal d´art contemporani català Canals Art Gallery Winner Fri, 01/03/2014