Philip Hearsey

Artist Statement

After a formal training at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts Philip Hearsey spent many years working in and exploring different aspects of interiors, furniture and architecture.

He now devotes his time to making sculpture and although there are a few outdoor pieces most are intimate in scale and intended for the interiors of home, office, yacht or hotel.

He specialises in sandcasting to make sculptures that engage the quality of bronze as a noble material in its own right. 

Bronze is eternal - yet malleable and he loves the stuff. In its natural state the tone and depth of colour is sublimely beautiful, yet the surface is endlessly receptive to the transformative effects of oxidisation.

He is intrigued by the surface and the alchemy of patination. Not because of any obsession with technique which is difficult to master, but because of the challenging possibilities and the unpredictability of the outcome. The colouring is not a surface coating: It is fundamental - it is the surface.

There are no big ideas to express, it is visual and the simplicity of shape is all-absorbing.  Objects are exciting, intriguing and often tactile.  Process, erosion, nature and time all have a part to play.

Inspiration is everywhere and often in the most surprising places.  Sometimes from a deep sense of place in the border and landscape of Herefordshire, almost Wales, sometimes from the sea, the big sky, clouds, objects seen walking or minute markings on a road.

There is always a back story. And what is in his head when he creates the work it is deeply personal but it matters as much that the work engages the imagination of the onlooker to connect with a deep-rooted and instinctive appreciation of simple, universal forms.


He has exhibited widely in solo exhibitions, mixed and open exhibitions, solo showcasing and art fairs.  His full exhibiting history is shown on his website.

Work is held in many corporate and private collections in the UK, Australia, USA, Caribbean, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, France, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Greece.



Exhibition Title City Date
Decorative Antiques Winter Fair 01/19/2016 to 01/24/2016
Decorative Antiques Winter Fair 01/19/2016 to 01/24/2016