Our Advisory Committee



Our advisory committee is comprised of notable artists, avid collectors and industry experts. Through the Contemporary Collective platform they share their expertise and advice to benefit the direction and development of our represented and exhibited artists' careers. We offer various opportunities; such as art fairs, residencies, workshops and a mentoring programme. 




Having collaborated between 1998 and 2006 as artlab, not only as makers of paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, but as presenters of the work of others, Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine Richards began operating less anonymously as Cullinan Richards in 2006. The two artists work together in their studio, making variable artefacts for exhibitions most frequently in response to invitations from curators. Their practice, although studio-based, is ostensibly multi-faceted and involves many different layers and elements.

Since Cullinan and Richards have chosen to work within a tight partnership that facilitates engagement with a wider set of conceptual frameworks, painting has become central to their art-making. Recent solo exhibitions reflect this including Girl Rider and Strippers (2008), Positions: The Primitives [Parts 1 and 2] (2009), Collapse Version V (2010) and British Art Show 7 (2010-11). Here Cullinan Richards investigate expanded definitions of making and exhibiting paintings through works created in the studio and on site.






Terry Smith (born 1956) is a British-born artist living in LondonEngland. In 2008, Smith was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Artists.[1] He is known for his carvings into the plaster of walls, mainly in derelict buildings and spaces.

Smith notably held the keys to Tate Turbine Hall during the building of the hall in 1995–6,[3] having been given permission to create his sculptures in the walls and spaces of the hall. Images of these works at Tate Modern were later shown at the South London Gallery in July–August 1996 for a group show called "Inside Bankside".[4] Smith was permitted to create the same plaster/wall-based sculptures at the British Museum and also, prior to the British Museum piece, in the building that later became the South London Gallery. Smith had his first major retrospective Parallax.[5] at theJohn Hansard Gallery, Southampton from December 2011–January 2012.

Smith has exhibited extensively in the UK and South America (e.g. Instituto de Artes, Porte Alegre, Brazil, Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela and Museo X-Tersea, Mexico City).






An avid art collector, Swiss born, but educated in the UK Christopher has worked in the property industry since 1988 advising a cross section of clients. Prior to this, he worked in the City of London for Midland Bank plc. Other interests include philately, philanthropy and football.  He has been associated with DegreeArt.com since their inception.






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