Maker in Residence

Contemporary Collective has partnered with Bankside Hotel, a design forward and award-winning hotel, to bring their guests a rich and immersive art experience. Located on South Bank of the river Thames, Bankside Hotel aims to pay homage to their art-rich location, which is why they have offered to host a residency programme with Contemporary Collective.

Maker in Residence Studio, Bankside Hotel 2 Blackfriars Rd, Upper Ground London SE1 9JU


Michael wallner
MAy/June 2019

Previously, Michael has worked with data expert Dr James Cheshire, to present an artistic view of London, using information and statistics about the city and this reserach will be integrated into the works produced by the artist over the cousre of his 6 week residency.

During his residency at Bankside, Michael will demonstarte to visitors how, by looking more closely at the architecture around them, they can change the way they look at the world and appreciate that 'art is everywhere'. The residency will also allow him to take his city-based art to the next level and explore different techniques, materials, and technology that he can use to reflect the shapes, outlines and colours that create London's character and personality. He also intends to incorporate London data in his work such as the journeys of London buses, the paths walked by London commuters, or the traffic patterns on the roads near Bankside - making art out of the everyday.

Victoria Heald


Continuing the legacy established by Luke M Walker, Victoria will be working with Bankside Hotel to achieve the now well established goal of engaging guests, local residents and transient communities in one-of-a-kind artistic experiences. Alongside providing unique, daily access to an Artist in Residence, the partnership between Contemporary Collective and the hotel ensures guests and visitors can participate in a programme of events through exhibitions, talks, workshops, and events.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 14.20.00.png

December 2018/March 2019

With his focus on urban landscapes, data and sustainability Luke M Walker was the ideal choice to launch this partnership with Bankside Hotel. Luke will be helping Bankside Hotel achieve their goal of engaging guests in a one-of-a-kind artistic experience. The hotel is keen to involve their guests and visitors in a programme of events through exhibitions, talks, workshops, and events.